There would be no more diversion of forest land for mining according to Goa mineral policy 2013. It also envisages promotion of tourism in the mining belt of the state to create employment opportunities for the people.

This draft Goa Investment Policy 2013 aims to articulate the various initiatives being undertaken to make the state a preferred and aspirational investment destination.

An Act to provide for levy and collection of cess on the products and substances including hazardous substances, which upon their handling or consumption or utilization or combustion or movement or transportation causes pollution of the lithosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and other environmental resources of the State of Goa, under t

Read draft mining policy for Goa released by the state government. It states that the closure of mines has to be systematically planned and ecological balance will be restored including utilization of existing pits for water conservation and harvesting of crops.

This bill has been drafted by Goa Law Commission to prevent sale of agricultural land to non agriculturists. It proposes to conserve water bodies too and deals with the aspect of contract farming, co-operative farms and farming estates.

The state government has finally declared the 'Goa state forest policy - 2009' even as the green cover has shrunk drastically and is further threatened by mining and development activities. The policy seeks to blend the basic principles of the national forest policy ( NFP 1988) with the state's needs.

The Draft Regional Plan 2021 (Draft RPG-21) was submitted to the Government of Goa by the Task Force in September 2008. The Task Force had drawn up a broad based Regional Plan for Goa with an aim to create a

Government of Goa has adopted a policy on roof-top rainwater harvesting and this notification gives details for the guidance of all concerned departments for implementation of the policy.The policy does not include within its purview rain water harvesting for ground water recharge. It shall be implemented by the Water Resources Department and shall apply to the whole state.