Contemporary India is witnessing a wide number of micro-level social movements struggling against industrialisation, big dams and other similar development projects. This paper looks at the

Global warming and climate change have made adoption measures essential, more so in semi arid regions. Kolar district is typical of semi arid regions with a low Development Index in Karnataka State. Greenhouse gases emissions from various

An important input for sustainable agricultural development in hard rock areas is access to groundwater irrigation. In hard rock areas, due to cumulative well interference, the life of

The advent of scientific shrimp farming in India during 1990-91 not only boosted shrimp production but also attracted criticism on the grounds of generating adverse environmental and social impact challenging the sustainability of the system.

Management of water resources is crucial for supporting livelihoods, particularly marginal communities. The study aims at understanding the livelihood patterns of fishermen within the
Tungabhadra sub basin, a tributary of river Krishna located in peninsular India. Household surveys, focus group discussions and interviews were carried out in order to understand the

Because of lack of proper sanitation, communicable diseases spread causing considerable loss and disabilities to human resources. Considering this, the international community has set the provision of sanitation as part of the Millennium Development Goals, aiming to reduce the number of those without

This paper estimates the environmental efficiency of Indian cement industry within a joint production framework of both desirable & undesirable output using Data Envelopment Analysis. Shows that this industry, if subjected to environmental regulation, has potential of expanding desirable output & reducing the undesirable one from the given inputs.

The focus of the study is to examine what is happening on the ground in terms of practices and processes, and the role of principal actors in such processes striving to implement such as the Hariyali Guidelines for the effective management of watershed development.