This report evaluates options for how countries that are parties to the Paris Agreement can cooperate to accelerate the implementation of REDD+. The five presented options, summarized below, are not mutually exclusive and can be combined to deliver a blended flow of finance in support of the implementation of REDD+ strategies.

The Meridian Institute and CDKN are pleased to announce the launch of case studies and headline findings on ‘Agriculture and Climate Change: Learning from experience and early interventions.’ Agriculture is on the frontline of climate change impacts and solutions.

This scoping report was developed by a team of expert authors convened and facilitated by Meridian Institute and is the result of an eight-month consultative effort with UNFCCC negotiators and other key stakeholders to help identify the most salient topics and questions to address.  The consultation process was facilitated by the Meridian Institute, a nonprofit NGO internationally recogniz