The Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India, had funded the setting up of a Centre of Excellence in the area of Decentralized Wastewater Management, in the Department of Civil Engineering at IIT Madras in the year 2009.

Maintaining high quality standards and excellent customer service will be critical to the successful roll out of cycle sharing in India over the coming years. Public cycle sharing systems: A planning toolkit for Indian cities introduces the key ingredients of best practice cycle sharing systems.

Part – C on ‘Management’ addresses the modern methods of project delivery and project validation and gives a continual model for the administration to foresee the deficits in allocations and usher in newer mechanisms.

Manual on sewerage and sewage treatment: Part – B on ‘Operation and Maintenance’ addresses the issues of standardizing the human resources and financial resources that are needed to sustain a system created at huge costs

This toolkit is focussed to provide a comprehensive knowledge of solid waste management for implementers, hence it has been prepared to provide vital information that a municipal manager will require while executing a project.Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is the trash or garbage that is discarded day to day in a human settlement.

The existing Manual on Sewerage and Sewage Treatment published by the Ministry in the year 1993 is being revised and updated by the Expert Committee constituted by the Ministry with JICA assistance.

The High Level Committee on Financing Infrastructure has constituted a subcommittee on Financing Urban Infrastructure with the following terms of reference: Year-wise investments for the twelfth plan; Sources of financing (viz.

The Ministry has adopted service level benchmarks for the water and sanitation sector with a view to shift the focus of urban development projects from infrastructure creation to improvement of service levels.

This advisory note on Improving Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Services (WSS) in India is an effort to provide guidance to States and Cities in adopting specific policies and governance structures for improving service delivery to the

The publication 'Benchmarking Urban Services - 2010-2011', presents the service level data of 1400 municipalities in India for the core urban services of water supply, sewerage/sanitation, solid waste management and storm water drainage.