WWF establishes a project in 2001 to involve local communities in aquatic biodiversity conservation with dolphins as flagship species. Farida village in Uttar Pradesh was selected as local communities were most backward and highly dependent on the river sources for livelihood thereby directly impacting dolphin habitat.

This report on Black-necked Crane is the result of intensive studies and surveys in the harsh and unique environment of Ladakh. There are several findings which will be of great interest to ornithologists and particularly people working on cranes. The report takes into account the interest of the general reader and therefore has the first two chapters

The Terai-Duar Savanna Ecoregion is spread over the southern slopes of the Himalayas in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. The Terai Arc Landscape (TAL) lies within this ecoregion covering an area of approximately 49,500 sq km in India and Nepal stretching from the Bagmati River in the East to the Yamuna River in the west.

In this century alone, three sub-species of tiger were driven into extinction, the Bali, Javan and Caspian. Tragically, the other five sub-species are at risk of meeting the same fate. The tiger faces on onslaught of illegal killing throughout its range, and its forest habitat is disappearing at an alarming rate.