The Greater and Trans Himalayan regions of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh have great potential in terms of wildlife (flora and fauna). This survey was the first ever survey for the snow leopard in Uttarakhand and some of the areas of Himachal Pradesh till date. It confirms the presence of snow leopard in

A comprehensive analysis of the Godavarman case instituted to address timber felling in the Nilgiri range of Tamil Nadu. Each and every order and its implications at state and national level has been analysed, to bring out not only the complexity of forest conservation in the country but also highlight various strategies adopted by Courts.

This new WWF study explores how the glaciers in the Indian Himalayas are going through change and says that smaller glaciers in the Himalayas are proving much more vulnerable to climate change impacts than previously thought, with significant implications for the livelihood and freshwater supplies of millions.

In the national context, the role of environment law in fostering sustainable development is significant. For this

This teacher's manual on climate provides latest information on the science, impacts and mitigation steps of climate change in an easy to understand fashion. It also lists activities that can be carried out in schools to create a better understanding of issues related to climate change amongst students.

In many ways, 2009 will prove to be a historic year.

In the present scenario where the rains are delayed and most of Maharashtra has received very little rains, Mumbai will have to reduce its dependence on the adjacent districts for its water requirements. Moreover there is very little to no data available

The goal of the Living Ganga Programme is to develop and implement strategies for sustainable energy and water resources management within the ganga basin, in the face of climate change. This programme brings together components of climate adaptation, vulnerability assessment, environmental flows and water allocation coupled with pollution abatement and co-management of water and energy.

This guide is intended to provide a summary of the steps to develop wetland management planning processes. Improved understanding of how to use these principles and planning steps will help achieve more effective conservation and thus wetland wise use.

A few years ago WWF-India brought out the Road to Redemption which traced the history of Species Conservation division