Asian Development Bank has become the first multilateral development bank accredited to receive financing from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) for projects to enhance climate change mitigation and ada

Executive director Héla Cheikhrouhou says governments cannot stipulate how money is spent, contradicting earlier claim by environment minster Greg Hunt

A total of $15 million has been budgeted for the Climate Resilience II Adaptation Programme and Financing Mechanism (pilot), as part of measures to bolster support for climate change activities.

The Union Environment Ministry will soon approve plans from various States to tackle climate change and an additional Rs.150 crore has been sought in this budget for the National Adaptation Fund.

Climate change represents a clear and present danger to the development prospects of Africa. African countries are going to have to adapt to protect their peoples from the harsh impacts of climate change and to ensure that they are not derailed from their current development pathways.

The yearly battle over the US budget officially begins on February 2, when the president plans to send his fiscal 2016 funding proposal to Congress, where it will be torn to shreds or ignored entir

Bangladesh has to play a proactive role to make the global leaders understand the significance of signing a legally binding protocol on climate change in the Paris summit in December 2015, speakers

At a time when the developing world is worried over the rich nations’ reluctance to contribute to the Green Climate Fund, the chairman of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, R K Pac

In a tug-of-war between rich and poor nations, the United climate change summit at Lima has turned out a “lacklustre plan with little scientific relevancy”, said WWF climate expert Samantha Smith o

Over a day behind schedule, the world set the stage for a new climate treaty by agreeing to the Lima Call for Climate Action on Sunday, which was slammed by NGOs and people’s movements.