Kerala plantation owners do not find enough workers despite offering higher pay
Acoconut plantation in Thrissur, Kerala, recently advertised in the local media for experienced men to pluck coconuts at a monthly salary of Rs 11,250 plus accommodation, which would work out to another Rs 3,000.

The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) during the period July 2009 - June 2010 carried out an all-India household survey on the subject of employment and unemployment in India as a part of 66th round of its survey programme.

The Supreme Court Friday banned the production, distribution and use of endosulfan because the pesticide has debilitating effects on humans and the environment.

A three-judge bench of Chief Justice S.H. Kapadia, Justice K.S.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday indicated that it would consider passing an interim order on Friday imposing a ban on the production of endosulfan, considering the harmful effects of this pesticide on the people of this country.

A three-judge Bench of Chief Justice S.H. Kapadia, Justice K.S.

The combine harvesters used in Punjab are in much demand by wheat farmers of the Jammu region and have made the manual harvesting a thing of the past.

Besides the less cost involved in harvesting and thrashing of the wheat crop with a combine harvester, the scarcity of farm labourers and the easy availability of these modern farming equipment are the main factors behind this sudden change in th

Andal (Burdwan), May 4: Over 450 unwilling farmers whose land has been taken for the airport city project in Burdwan

Agriculture labourers migrating in search of employment
NAGERCOIL: Kanyakumari is primarily an agrarian district with 83 per cent of its population residing in villages and 58.8 per cent of its working population engaged in agricultural and allied activities.

The IFAD study, “Agriculture – Pathways to Prosperity in Asia and the Pacific”, provides an Asia and Pacific regional perspective, highlighting the fact that the overall rate of extreme poverty in rural areas of developing countries has dropped from 48 per cent to 34 per cent over the past decade.

The National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) is an important milestone and mechanism, the manifestations of which help us in reviewing crucial issues regarding the impact of development interventions in Indian rural ecosystems.

The countrywide share of corporate retail in food distribution tripled in the past four years when retail food prices showed the greatest increase.

THE dramatic increase in food inflation over the past two years has been associated with several surprises. One major surprise has been how the top economic policymakers in the country have responded to it.