The number has come down by over 12% while the number of farm labourers in the state has soared

The number of farmers in Chhattisgarh has come down by more than 12 per cent while the number of farm labourers in the state has soared during the period. The final census report was released Thursday evening that underlined that there was a big reduction in the number of farmers in Chhattisgarh that was once known as "rice bowl" of the country. The number had come down by nearly 450,000 during a decade time from 2001 to 2011.

Absolute Number Of Cultivators Has Fallen First Time In Four Decades, Stands At 119m

New Delhi: There are now nearly 9 million fewer farmers than there were in 2001, the first time in four decades that the absolute number of cultivators has fallen. Census data released on Tuesday shows that while the proportion of cultivators to the total workforce has been falling steadily, this is the first time since 1971 that the number of cultivators has fallen in absolute terms.

As many as 99% of rural households had two square meals everyday througout the year in 2009-10, registering a gradual increase from 94.5% in 1993-94, according to a report by the National Sample Su

Jaipur: Rajasthan has performed fairly well in providing two square meals in both rural and urban areas of the state.

Farmers played a key role in promoting national economy and growth and every citizen should acknowledge and honour their service, said speakers at a function organised as part of Pongal celebrations by Thilagavathiar Tiruvarul Adheenam here recently.

They explained the importance of agriculture and said agricultural lands should not be converted into real estate projects.

A Bench of the Lok Adalat has observed that the use of banned pesticides has led to cervical and breast cancer among female agriculture labourers in six districts which fall under the Gulbarga revenue division.

The Bench comprising Justice D V Shylendra Kumar of the High Court and A N Yellappa Reddy, a member of the Lok Adalat, in its sitting in Bangalore on Saturday, directed the departments of health and agriculture to conduct a survey among labourers and suggest remedial measures.

This paper analyses data from a household-level survey of 980 agricultural and fishing households in seven sites across southern Bangladesh. It examine the relationship between assets, livelihood strategies, food security and farming practice changes. These households are coping with huge demographic, economic, and environmental changes.

The Kissan Khet Mazdoor Congress (KKMC) of Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee (OPCC) has demanded a white paper on the steps proposed to be taken by the government for rabi crop.

Acknowledging that agricultural production in the State in recent years had gone down drastically with many a farmer withdrawing from the traditional sector, a meeting of the subcommittee to formul

Sure, the rains are picking up, but droughts will strike again. How the govt can boost incomes of farm help to enable them to face a drought better — in the short, medium and long term.