Focus on the Global South, with the support of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS), has started a collaborative programme to bring out educational materials and other publications focusing on the small and marginal farmers.

The 1.7 million farm labourers in Chhattisgarh have reason to smile on former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s birthday today.

The Pocket book on Agricultural Statistics 2013 is intended as a quick reference guide for essential data frequently used by the policy makers and officers of the Ministry of Agriculture and related agencies. Data for this pocket book is largely derived from the Flagship Publication of the Directorate of Economics and Statistics “Agricultural Statistics at A Glance” published every year and used widely by policy makers, academicians and researchers.

States that increase minimum wage will have to bear extra cost from their own resources

A committee set up by the Ministry of Rural Development to revise wages under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) has offered suggestions that are likely to iron out long-standing issues relating to disparity in earnings under the scheme.

For years, mysterious epidemics of kidney disease have been simmering within agricultural hotspots in the developing world, from tropical El Salvador to the South Asian highlands of Sri Lanka and I

Only 18% Have All 3 Facilities; Fall In Agriculture’s GDP Share: Report

One in five rural households has none of three basic facilities — drinking water, electricity and sanitation — while only about 18% have access to all three. The India Rural Development Report 2012-13 released by Jairam Ramesh on Thursday also shows that while rural poverty has reduced significantly from over 40% to just 26%, there is large variation in poverty reduction between regions, districts and social classes with persistent pockets of deprivation.

Contrary to tall claims by both state and central governments about reining in the suicide trend among farmers and agriculture labourers of Punjab, a survey conducted by state's universities reveal

Relative to other developing regions, developing Asia has experienced a slower decline in employment share in agriculture, compared to its output share; a rapid growth in labor and land productivity; and a shift from agricultural output from traditional to high-value products.

The majority of chronically poor people are economically active but the poor quality of that work, including its low-pay, dangerous conditions, insecurity and irregularity means that this work frequently maintains people in poverty rather than enabling poverty escapes.

Panel submits draft policy for agriculture development

The draft agriculture development policy, submitted to the Chief Minister by the drafting committee chaired by K. Krishnankutty on Thursday, proposes that purchase of farmlands should be restricted to farmers and farming purposes only.