Air quality and snow conditions are regarded as two of the major challenges for Beijing's bid for 2022 Winter Olympic Games, but on Tuesday, the city's bid officials gave an answer and solution to

Question raised in Lok Sabha on air pollution, 21/07/2015. The ambient air quality is monitored by various State Pollution Control Boards, Pollution Control Committees for UTs, Central Pollution Control Board and NEERI at 593 locations in 249 cities, towns and industrial areas in 28 states and 5 UTs.

Improving air quality — in clean and dirty places — could potentially avoid millions of pollution-related deaths each year.

India has ranked 24th out of 70 countries in the first Environmental Democracy Index that is topped by Lithuania and evaluates nations' progress in enacting laws to promote transparency, accountabi

A contraption that creates a kind of air bubble that could shield people against as much as 70 percent of the most harmful pollutants debuts next month in Beijing, as China’s capital battles the to

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on ban on ten years old diesel vehicles, 30/04/2015.

Cities in India and China have become iconic for air pollution challenges and the health impacts they bring. But city-dwellers in India and China are not the only ones facing worrying levels of air pollution. From Senegal to Peru, millions of people breathe polluted air every day, suffering a range of health implications.

Extensive surveys on public perception of air pollution and air quality, carried out in Sri Lanka in 2014, under the FK Exchange program.

A £100,000 system to divert traffic away from a busy Swansea street to prevent European pollution levels being broken, will go live early next year.

Taipei City Government won the Citizen’s Choice Award for its Clean Air—It’s Your Move initiative at the C40 and Siemens City Climate Leadership Awards ceremony Sept. 23. in New York.