The air pollution is a growing problem in a number of cities around the world. Over the years, starting from the days of the infamous London smog and Los Angeles smog episodes, the cities around the world have established programs to better understand the air pollution sources and facilitated ways to control the pollution.

Over the past two decades the issue of air pollution in the
Kathmandu Valley has become of increasing concern as
concentrations of ambient air pollution exceed international
air quality guidelines and standards. The steady growth in
road traffic has resulted in the increasing contribution of
vehicle emissions to urban air pollution, especially particulate

New Delhi, July 14 With the aim of keeping ambient air quality clean, the Government, on Monday, announced the implementation of emission norms for new and in-use vehicles and fuel quality in accordance with the roadmap of the Auto Fuel Policy.

Responding to the need to strengthen air quality management in smaller cities, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

Investing in sustainable transport reduces carbon dioxide emissions and helps mitigate the potential impacts of climate change. This publication details GEF

Air pollution levels in the megacities of Asia show a stabilizing trend but still exceed World Health Organization guidelines. Studies also show poor air quality, not only in the megacities of Asia, but also in smaller cities with populations of 150,000 to 1.5 million. While megacities often receive support for improving air quality; similar assistance seldom reaches smaller cities.

There are strong links between the problems of climate change and air pollution, in particular the fact that emissions from fossil fuel combustion contribute significantly to both problems. Consequently, measures to abate emissions of greenhouse gases may show strong co-benefits in terms of less air pollution and vice versa.

P B JAYAKUMAR / Mumbai May 1, 2009, 1:30 IST

With the global swine flu virus spread seemingly not under control, the Indian distributor of a recently started unique air purification system has approached the government with an invention claimed to stop the infection

This paper by SIM-air presents the past and the current air quality management in Delhi, India, including the discussions on the air pollution levels, sources of air pollution, and policy interventions of the past and on-going. It is based on a presentation delivered at the BioVision Conference in Lyon, France, in March, 2009.

Six in 10 U.S. residents -- more than 186 million people -- live in areas with dangerous levels of air pollution, the American Lung Association reported on Wednesday.

The air in many U.S. cities became dirtier last year, the association said in its annual "State of the Air" report.