This paper reviews the Copenhagen Consensus 2008 Challenge Paper on Air Pollution by Bjorn Larsen, Guy Hutton and Neha Khanna. The challenge paper addresses the impacts of air pollution in both indoor and outdoor environments; however, the perspective paper is limited to outdoor urban air pollution. In this challenge paper, section I provides an introduction and overview of air pollution.

EU Backs Plan To Clean Up Air, Cut Lung Disease BELGIUM: April 15, 2008 BRUSSELS - The European Union approved a plan on Monday to clean up air quality in the bloc, setting limits for the first time on fine particles that cut eight months off the life of the average European citizen. "The European Union has today taken a decisive step in tackling a major cause of environmental and health problems," European Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said.

The uk's review of technologies and fuels for reducing carbon emissions by vehicles is complete. Chairperson of the review Julia King, while discussing the study in Mumbai recently, claimed that

Building an effective air quality management system (AQMS) requires a process of continual improvement, and the source apportionment techniques described in this report can contribute in a cost effective manner to improving existing systems or

hard on pollutants: A recent court settlement has required the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to review environmental hazards of nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides and revise, as

a sudden spurt in public discussion in Delhi over worsening air quality over the last few years has brought into focus a few interesting points about controlling urban air pollution. This is not to

One of the largest power utilities in the US, American Electric Power, has agreed to spend US $4.6 billion to reduce harmful emissions from its 16 coal-fired power plants. The settlement, which

cars were off Beijing's streets from August 17-20. The city officials decided to experiment in a drive to check pollution and ease the city's traffic. Traffic congestion and brown haze have been

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The initial phase of UPA II witnessed prolific rule making, but this was not followed by responsible governance

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For multiple reasons, the winters are the worst in Delhi, India - harsh winters, limited air movement, and restraining meteorological conditions worsen the already topped out air pollution problem.