The report says India is off course on meeting reduction targets for stunting, anaemia, adult overweight, obesity and diabetes.

Touted as one the most developed states of the country, Haryana seems to have performed badly as far as key health indicators for the state shown in the National Family Health Survey -4 (NFHS-4) ar

Hyderabad: Skipping iron rich foods such as spinach, meat and lentils seems to be costing city women their health as a whopping 40.52% of them were found to be anaemic in a recent survey .

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Also, more than 60 per cent of all women and 53.2 per cent of pregnant women were found anaemic in the state.

NEW DELHI: More than 50% of children in 10 states are anaemic, the latest national health survey showed highlighting the unnerving picture of India's malnourished population.

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Twenty-one per cent of those labeled to have hypertension were aged under 40, indicating that a large number of young people suffer from hypertension.

Only 27 per cent children between the ages of six months to five years are healthy in Haryana. The rest of them are anaemic and 9 per cent severely anaemic (SA).

Anaemia is the most common nutritional deficiency worldwide. The prevalence of anaemia in non-pregnant and pregnant African women (47.5% versus 57.1%) and Southeast Asian women (45.7% versus 48.2%) suggests that majority of reproductive age women at risk for anaemia reside in these countries. Anaemia in pregnant women from developing countries remains as a major public health concern despite a few decades of efforts through special policies and national programmes. (Correspondence)