The planting of commercially valuable chir trees has become embroiled in controversy in Ultar Pradesh's Almora district. But a local schoolteacher has found a novel use for its discarded bark.

A non govemmental organisation attempting to help women in Haryana's and Rewari district is hampered by caste factors and male chauvinism.

HEADLINES about Ranthambhore sanctuary in Rajasthan are usually about its vanishing tiger population, but it was recently featured in the news for a very different reason. Artists from villages

Decline in supplies has badly affected many traditional crafts. Woodcarving in Saharanpur is one of them. Despite a revitalised export market, the craft that had begun as a sustainable proffession is dying a slow death

The weavers of Kabir Basti had just two resources: wool and their own talent. With this they transformed their lives

Restrictions on the manufacture and sale of Shahtoosh shawls threaten the livelihood of thousands of people in Kashmir

Films on successful technological projects and innovative government schemes have failed simply because there has been no effort to show them to target groups

Forest officials are confronted with the spread of a weed that stifles tree growth but is useful for making baskets.