This article analyses the impact of the 2008-09 global economic meltdown on workers in the unorganised sector of the gem polishing and construction industries in Rajasthan. Based on a primary survey, it was found that in the initial phase of the crisis, workers trimmed their spending on their social life. This was followed by a reduction in expenditure on health and education. As the crisis persisted, they were left with little alternative but to cut down expenditure even on essentials like food, shelter, clothing, etc.

One Indian woman's enduring commitment to improving the living standards of the rural communities of Kutch, a remote and poor region in India;s far north-west, has fundamentally transformed the lives of thousands of women.

Willows have been growing in Kashmir Valley and other adjoining temperate areas of India since time immemorial. The willow constituted an important tree species to mankind in view of its multipurpose usage. Introduction of wicker and bat willows from England during early 20th century and their multiplication in suitable areas of Kashmir Valley acted as a boon to the willow based cottage industry.

From time immemorial, like most peoples of the ancient world, Indians have referred to products by the names of their places of origin. They have always known that goods from certain regions have distinct qualities and characteristics, but formal protection for such products is relatively recent.

But the market is still too far for India

Pankaj Sekhsaria finds out why handloom is viable

Khadi has strayed from its objective of providing a livelihood to artisans in rural areas. For preserving the ethos of khadi, rather than just tinker with the existing system a restructuring of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission is necessary. The potential of khadi needs to be exploited for its inherent worth rather than be supported for charity.

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A dual objective of improved livelihoods of building artisans and efficient delivery of

Often grouped along with agricultural labourers and non-farm workers, the problems faced by rural artisans are often neglected. What are these problems? What steps can be taken to improve their situation? : a report.