Proposal to set up an 1.8 lakh tonne per annum asbestos making unit in Andhra

New Delhi: Ongoing public protests in Muzaffarpur over an upcoming asbestos plant have forced the district administration to impose Section 144 near the facility, forcing stoppage of work and preventing protesters from gathering near the site.

The use of asbestos, which is known to cause lung cancer and silicosis, is banned in many countries around the world, including Australia, New Zealan

With the asbestos cancer pandemic estimated to be causing 30 deaths per day in India, residents of Bishnupur-Chainpur in Muzaffarpur in Bihar are up in arms, protesting the setting up of a factory in their village.

The protests are being led by octogenarian trade union leader Sachidananda Sinha (based in Muzaffarpur) who has, along with environmental experts from around the globe, petitioned bo

Jaipur: It

Ahmedabad: 30 members of Rajasthan State Mine Labour Union came to stage a protest at the National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOH) in the city on Tuesday.

Shoumojit Banerjee Proposed asbestos project could lead to a ‘Turner & Newall' epidemic Marwan (Muzaffarpur): There is a spectre over the verdant fields of Bihar's Muzaffarpur district, hitherto suppressed by the clamour and euphoria of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's massive electoral mandate.

Irresponsible policies could cause an epidemic of malignant lung disease. (Editorial)

Cancer epidemics in Turkey could hold the secret to staving off a public health disaster in North Dakota.

Mine Labour Protection Campaign (MLPC) has been striving to protect the rights of the mineworkers for years now and asbestosis could not have slipped from their agenda. To reach to the root of problem, MPLC had to deal with an array of issues.