This technical EIA guidance manual for asbestos based industries accordingly addresses the related environmental concerns duly taking into consideration the requirements of all.

NEW DELHI: Environmentalists here have accused the asbestos industry of having launched a

The ship-breaking industry is booming, but official India is only half-concerned about the many hazards. (Editorial)

Fifteen commercially important verities of fish have so far disappeared over a decade from the Sitakunda sea belt in Chittagong because of massive seawater contamination by unsafe ship-breaking, according to a study.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a planning tool now generally accepted as an integral component of sound decision-making. The Environmental Clearance [EC] process for majority of projects will comprise of a maximum of four stages

Environmental and health activists who have given a bad name to asbestos are facing the wrath of an industry that pleads that this is the best option for our country---------

FACT: In June 2001. the Supreme Court in Brazil rejected a petition by some activists for ban of asbestos-cement production. Brazil is one of the largest producers and users of asbestos.

B Krishna Mohan / Hyderabad June 30, 2009, 0:10 IST

The asbestos cement sheeting industry is growing at a healthy 10-12 per cent a year.

Hyderabad, June 19 The use of asbestos in cement product manufacturing is being targeted by some global groups for

Asbestos free schools: Paving the way for a complete ban on asbestos and its products, Kerala Human Rights Commission said

In response to the health risks posed by asbestos exposure, some countries have imposed strict regulations and adopted bans, whereas other countries have intervened less and continue to use varying quantities of asbestos.