Cloves can stop hazardous asbestos fibres from escaping into the air

Andhra Pradesh is in choppy waters over a proposed ship breaking yard at Vodarevu

US-based activists and representatives from the Indian Association of Occupational Health (IAOH) called for a ban on all activities relating to mining, manufacture, use and trade in asbestos at a

Five South African victims of asbestos poisoning have been told

Twenty four black South African workers are planning to give evidence in London against three British companies, which they say poisoned them with asbestos and mercury. Reportedly, two workers have

Sundaram-Abex Limited, an Indian firm, has begun producing clutch facings free of asbestos. The company, which has been producing asbestos-free brake linings for years, recently imported technology

The Supreme Court has directed all industries involved in mining or producing asbestos to create adequate healthcare mechanisms for diagnoses and treatment of workers engaged in these units. The

SIX ASBESTOS companies have been convicted by a Baltimore Circuit Court jury in what is expected to be a model for the over 100,000 asbestos personal injury claims pending before federal and state