AIIMS has endorsed a concern raised by medical practitioners for months -increased air pollution in Delhi is affecting not just our lungs but almost every part of the body .

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is set to lead the first large-scale study in nearly 18 years on links between respiratory and cardiovascular conditions, and air quality in the capi

Despite numerous efforts in diagnoses and treatment, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), along with asthma and resultant fatalities are on the rise in the world and Viet Nam.

LUCKNOW: Did you know that a morning walk can give you a heart attack or even cause cancer? Ask Brigadier Ramesh Maheshwari for whom a morning walk was an integral part of his fitness drill.

GURGAON: Amid rising levels of pollution in Delhi/NCR, the world-renowned salt room therapy has come to the city for the first time.

As the national capital and surrounding areas gasp under a thick pall of smog, sales of indoor air purifiers have zoomed, here's an examination of the various questions around these machines

Is your cough and cold persisting for more than two weeks? Blame the air.

Twenty-one per cent of those labeled to have hypertension were aged under 40, indicating that a large number of young people suffer from hypertension.

Mumbai: The slight nip in the air has led to an increase in the number of patients, both young and old, visiting the doctor's clinic.

According to experts, the number of patients suffering from asthma and other respiratory disorders like COPD and allergic rhinitis shows a sharp upward trend during Diwali