I do not know how best to respond to the question that, these days, many parents ask me.

There’s nothing more appealing than a refreshing dip in a swimming pool on a summer’s day. But be warned.

Is climate change a serious threat to human health?

As the city's air goes from bad to unbreathable, expats can talk about returning home, but for people heavily invested here—native-born Delhiites and others who have built up their careers and rai

Short-term exposure to air pollution has adverse effects among patients with asthma, but whether long-term exposure to air pollution is a cause of adult-onset asthma is unclear. The researchers aimed to investigate the association between air pollution and adult onset asthma.

RAJSHAHI: Around 70 lakh people are suffering from bronchial asthma in the country and the numbers of patients are gradually increasing due to various reasons, specialists said at a seminar on Satu

As temperatures soar in the national capital, levels of toxic ozone, responsible for causing a number of health problems, especially for asthmatics, have crossed permissible limits, the met departm

- Suspended air particles impact liver

Concerned about the rising cases of asthma in the national capital, experts have suggested that the city can typically be categorised in red, yellow and green zones according to pollution levels an

Twenty-five per cent of children who visit paediatricians in the city suffer from asthma. Half of them suffer from the disorder because of pollution and the remaining due to genetics.