The Karnataka Energy Department plans to set up at least one lakh solar roofs in the next five years to emerge as the number one in the country in terms of renewable energy usage.

Most of the water for Bangalore is imported by BWSSB from the Cauvery River, which is over 100 kilometers south of the city. The water is drawn from a reservoir near the village of Thorekadanahalli. To meet the increasing demand, the "Cauvery Water Supply Scheme" was undertaken by BWSSB in three stages to supply 540 MLD of water.

Bengaluru as Sun City.

The though appears distant, somewhat baffling, but is actually do-able: if various discussions and suggestions materialise, Bengaluru could well be a showcase to the rest of the country as its solar city.

Anil Kumar Sastry

Madhur Tankha NEW DELHI: A group of people besotted with the dark skies are working on a special project these days to measure light pollution in Delhi and some other cities.

During the southwest monsoon (June to September) season of 2005 in Bangalore City, 32 bulk precipitation samples were collected from two sampling stations. Concentrations of major cations and anions were determined.