Emission of iron dust from twin hearth furnace chimney at ISP, Burnpur.

1. Men mount wagons to dump coal on the ground at Hazratpur dump yard of Borjore on Tuesday 2. The coal emptied from the rakes piles up while police keep watch

3. The looted coal is carried away from the dump yard in baskets 4. Coal is transferred from baskets to gunny bags and wheeled away

demand for shortlisting of beneficiaries

DURGAPUR, 25 MARCH: The peasant wing of the Congress today joined the farmland labourers

DURGAPUR, 23 MARCH: Hundreds of housewives carrying broomsticks (in SNS photo) protested against the state's bid for acquisition of farmland to help set up an Aerotropolis project by a private agency at Andal, today.

Goats are increasingly seen as a threat to the ecology as they feed on any type of plant species. But goat keeping continues to be an important livelihood activity for the resource poor people. BAIF has promoted a number of initiatives with twin goals of helping small farmers in rearing goats and also protecting the environment.

About 50 Trinamul Congress supporters today stopped work on a fencing around the land acquired for the first phase of the airport city project in Burdwan


Targeting the Leftruled West Bengal government for misuse of NREGA funds, minister of state for rural development Sisir Kumar Adhikari has asked Cabinet minister C.P. Joshi to look into the matter.

Indronil Roychowdhury

Kolkata: The Bengal government is redrawing proposed power projects in the state due to difficulties in acquiring land.

The government had planned to set up four power plants in Birbhum, Purulia Murshidabad and Burdwan districts during the 11 th five-year plan period for an additional generation of 3,390 mw, but all the projects had to be stalled.

Markov chains have been used to model spatial changes in a variety of spheres. Changes in social situations, economic standards, natural resource availability, and even weather conditions have been explored and predicted using Markov Random Function (MRF) and Markov Random Chains (MRC).

The Bengal government has taken the first tangible step to facilitate an airport project which could bury forever coal sufficient to meet the country