A variety of vegetables available in city markets can pose serious health hazards as they have been found to be high in toxic content.

The root cause? Rampant use of banned pesticides.

A recent study by the Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute has revealed that many vegetables, instead of providing nutrients to the body, can irreparably damage several biological functions.

Asansol city is an industrial urban area which is also part of the Raniganj Coalfield area and is located in the Burdwan district of West Bengal. Over the last five years there was hectic development in the area in terms of industries, vehicles and infrastructures.

DURGAPUR, Feb. 11: The second day of the public hearing for the state

BURDWAN, Dec. 31: Burdwan~ one of the leading paddy growing districts in the state will soon employ a high-tech drying process which will cut down on breakage of rice grains.

Eight-year-old Muskaan is kneeling close to a patch of fresh, hot coal. She is sorting charcoal pieces that she will pile into a bamboo basket for her father to carry across the town of Raniganj. Everyday, groups of other men, women and children join her at this coal-burning ghat, only a few kilometres from the city

Satellite-based mapping of coal fire is an effective technique in terms of cost and time. At present, ASTER (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer) is the only available spaceborne sensor, which provides multi-channel thermal data. ASTER provides moderate-resolution thermal data useful for mapping of coal fires, which generally have small spatial dimension.

Calcutta, Oct. 16: The government today signed a deal with NRI businessman Prasoon Mukherjee

Financial help is yet to arrive in support of the efforts of the monks at Attahas near Dakshindihi in Burdwan who are attempting to conserve a forest that shelters thousands of migratory birds.

DURGAPUR : The state government today declared compensation and rehabilitation package for the land-losers in Katwa where the Power Development Corporation Limited (PDCL) has plans to set up a 3000 MW super thermal power plant on 1033 acres of land.

BURDWAN: Coal production at an underground mine of Eastern Coalfields Limited was halted after water gushed into it last night.
Citu members staged a demonstration in front of the pit today, alleging a lack of safety and security measures inside the mines.