The overall objective of this research was the assessment of sugar beet industrial wastewater (SIW) which could affect soil hydraulic property. A completely randomized design (CRT) was employed with irrigation treatments and three replications in a plant located in the east of Isfahan during summer 2008.

Comprehensive evaluation on the conditions of ecosystem is important to protect regional eco environment. The paper is mainly based on the data set of remote sensing and climate factor to calculate the ecological capital of ecosystem in Yunnan province.

Asansol city is an industrial urban area which is also part of the Raniganj Coalfield area and is located in the Burdwan district of West Bengal. Over the last five years there was hectic development in the area in terms of industries, vehicles and infrastructures.

The adsorption capacity of riverbed sand, sawdust, vermiculite and soil for Cr (III) ions from tannery effluent has been investigated in detail in order to evaluate their possible application as filter material in reed bed treatment system. The adsorption isotherm was determined along with the effect of contact time, initial Cr concentration and pH on the efficiency of Cr removal.

The objective of this study was to investigate and determine the nitrate and nitrite compounds in groundwater resources of Hamadan province, Iran. Totally 280 samples of water were examined for nitrate and nitrite during a period of six months from February to September 2007 belonging to eight cities of Hamadan Province.

Assessment of landfill gases (LFG) with appropriate methodology for control of green house gas emission as well as possibility for waste to energy conversion are the prime objectives of the study. Generation of LFG from a particular heap of wastes can not be interlinked with the potential of LFG generation.

In order to estimate ground water pollutant load from land surfaces of coastal karstic basin, some ingredients of water, such as mol ratio of Na/Cl as permanent ingredients of wastewaters, have been used as indicators in this paper.

A highly selective and sensitive chromatographic technique in combination with electro chemical as well as photo-active detection has been developed to identify and determine trace levels of phenoxy herbicides. Also, the photo-oxidation of hazardous herbicides by strong oxidizing agent hydrogen peroxide in the presence of UV radiations is also investigated.

UV photochemical degradtion of chlorotoluron was shown to be a photolytic process non-influenced by the presence of environmentally important catalyst (ferric ions) or sensitizers (soil humic isolate and humic peatbog wate), independent of pH values in the range from 2 to 11.

The total and the migration concentration of lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) in 20 soil samples taken from the surrounding area of Aluminium Factory Podgorica, airports, asphalt plant and highroad in Zeta Valley (Montenegro) were determined.