Markov chains have been used to model spatial changes in a variety of spheres. Changes in social situations, economic standards, natural resource availability, and even weather conditions have been explored and predicted using Markov Random Function (MRF) and Markov Random Chains (MRC).

The Bengal government has taken the first tangible step to facilitate an airport project which could bury forever coal sufficient to meet the country

Two years ago, over 1,500 farmers had volunteered to give up land for industry in Ausgram, Burdwan. Two days ago, officials who went to circulate a notice on cheque distribution there, were told to stay away.

Ishita Ayan Dutt / Kolkata September 22, 2009, 0:13 IST

The decision was reached after political consensus; sellers offered land-for-land deal

Ishita Ayan Dutt / New Delhi/ Kolkata April 20, 2009, 0:01 IST

Bhushan Steel has informally approached the West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation (WBIDC) for an additional 1,000 acres in West Bengal, in the wake of negotiations with Sumitomo Metal Industries (SMI) for participation in its steel project.

While declining real product prices faced by primary commodity producers was one of the central causes of rising farm indebtedness, the gradual shrinkage of formal credit institutions in rural areas has simultaneously caused increasing dominance of private players in the credit market, rendering producers all the more vulnerable.

The proposed airport city in Burdwan

ASANSOL, April 3: The Trinamul Congress chief, Miss Mamata Banerjee, is arriving here tomorrow to address her party men at Jamuria ~ the den of illegal coal mining in Burdwan. Illegal coal has been a major issue in Jamuria and Raniganj, in almost every election.

Children pay for illegal mining operations in West Bengal THERE are about 20 mines, mostly illegal, in Salanpur village in Burdwan district. The district has rich deposits of coal, fire clay and iron ore. One among the 20, a fire clay mine, claimed two young lives on February 8 in the West Bengal village. Four and five year old Suman Karmakar and Prasinjit Dutt fell into a mine close to

A variety of vegetables available in city markets can pose serious health hazards as they have been found to be high in toxic content.

The root cause? Rampant use of banned pesticides.

A recent study by the Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute has revealed that many vegetables, instead of providing nutrients to the body, can irreparably damage several biological functions.