Ananya Dutta

AUSGRAM (BARDHAMAN): The vibrant green of paddy saplings that stretch across acres in Ausgram block in West Bengal's Bardhaman district belies the faint cracks in the soil just below and the crisis that has driven three farmers to commit suicide within a fortnight.

The family of 32-year-old Gosai Patra, who hung himself from a tree last week, has not yet informed his wife, who r

Ananya Dutta

KOLKATA: Even though the West Bengal government is yet to confirm that suicides by farmers in Ausgram block of Bardhaman district are drought-related, with the third incident of a farmer killing himself, district authorities admitted on Thursday that they were

 BURDWAN, 25 AUG: The district administration of Burdwan has been ordered to overhaul the deep tube-well system across the “rice bowl”of Burwan to help extend irrigation facilities ~ however minor ~ to the farmers who braved cultivation despite severe dearth of rainfall this year.
The measure, according to the senior district officials h

Sudipta Datta

Kolkata: Eleven West Bengal districts were declared

DURGAPUR, JULY 26: The Damodar Valley Corporation has finally come to the rescue of Bengal

BURDWAN, 21 JULY: The district, affected by rampant air pollution, has stressed the extensive plantation of broad leaf trees across the district, especially in the industrial segment of Asansol

Raktima Bose

KOLKATA: Twenty-four workers fell ill after inhaling a heavy concentration of toxic gases inside the Durgapur Steel Plant at Durgapur in Bardhaman district on Thursday.

The incident happened within a day of 118 persons falling ill after inhaling chlorine gas that leaked from a cylinder at the Mumbai Port Trust godown on Wednesday.

Indrani Dutta

Kolkata: This is a man-animal conflict of another kind. In the nearly year-old gunfight between security forces and Left Wing Extremist rebels and also due to the activity of the LWE in general in the Jangalmahal forest area, elephants are increasingly being forced to escape from the woods into human habitation.

DURGAPUR, 1 JUNE: The last surviving leopard in Ramana Bagan Zoological Park in the Burdwan forest range died today (See photo). It was gasping for life and according to the veterinary surgeons supervising the inquest: