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New Delhi: With Europe and Gulf countries, putting in place stringent safety norms for ensuring that pesticide residue in agricultural crops remain below prescribed limits, basmati (aromatic rice) exporters from India have urged the Union agriculture ministry to ensure that farmers use less pesticide.

Panchkula Following the rising awareness about organic food, the Haryana State Cooperative Supply and Marketing Federation (Hafed), will now be producing desi organic wheat and CSR-30 basmati rice. After coming up with organic wheat around three years ago, the state is now experimenting with these crops.

Punjab farmers have been struck a double blow on the eve of the paddy transplantation season, which starts tomorrow. Reliant on migrant labour to transplant paddy on 26 lakh hectares, they are witnessing a few arrivals on trains coming in from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Jammu, May 18

IARI's new basmati varieties are better than Pakistani ones - this will fetch higher prices and a greater market share
Surinder Sud / New Delhi May 18, 2010, 0:31 IST

EGoM On Prices May Agree Today To Hike Minimum Export Price; Pricey Sugar Too Seen On Agenda
Prabha Jagannathan NEW DELHI

A MEETING of an empowered group of ministers (EGoM) on prices scheduled for Tuesday is likely to give its nod to hike the minimum export price (MEP) for basmati by $200 per tonne to the previous level of $1100 per tonne.

THE All-India Rice Exporters Association (AIREA) has urged the government not to hike the minimum export price (MEP) for basmati, arguing that not only would a higher price hit export volumes but also impact farmers in Punjab and Haryana, who have planted more basmati this year.

Coarse or fine, paddy is the king of crops in Punjab. This has more than been proved again with farmers who had banked heavily on PUSA 1121 basmati deciding to move away from it. However, they will not be going in for any diversification but moving back to a coarser variety albeit a new one --- PAU 201--- which has been a hit this year with farmers.

It prided itself for being the land of orchards. This year, however, many in Karnikhera village in the border district of Ferozepur in Punjab did not go for kinnows or guavas but chose basmati

Gargi Parsai

NEW DELHI: On a day when the commercial release of Bt Brinjal was recommended by the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee, the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) denied that Pusa Basmati 1121 rice (exported to the Middle East) was genetically modified as was reported in a section of the Iranian Press.