The main problems and issues in relation to urban transport include quality of life and health as affected by pollution, noise and congestion. Urban transport makes a major
contribution to climate change and consumption of energy, including fossil fuels.

Improved urban planning, new technologies and infrastructure measures have a
central role to play in more efficient and sustainable transport systems. The EU
should be mindful of subsidiarity, and add value to the activities of cities and regions.
Measures to encourage the provision of good quality, environmentally-friendly (fuel-efficient,

An international team of scientists wants to ban the catching of eight species of Atlantic Ocean sharks and put a strict limit on the catch of two others to try to prevent population crashes.

Brussels would look favourably at member states giving financial support for plants to test almost carbon-free power production, which could help fight climate change, a European Commission official said on Monday.

German utilities are among those worldwide that are seeking to pilot carbon capture and storage (CCS), which supporters hope can clean up the burning of coal for power generation by separating off carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and burying them.

Development May Lead To Technology For Heat Transfer, Soil Enrichment

Washington: Scientists in the United States have created the world

A team of European scientists have unveiled a new method of extracting images hidden under old masters

The spiralling fuel prices in the international market have hit European fishing fleets. Angered fishers are blockading ports in several countries. France and Scotland have initiated a

Environmental exposure to cadmium decreases bone density indirectly through hypercalciuria resulting from renal tubular dysfunction. The researchers sought evidence for a direct osteotoxic effect of cadmium in women.

Finding ways of safely burying carbon dioxide could be the only way of keeping greenhouse gas emissions below dangerous levels, the International Energy Agency's chief economist said on Thursday. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is seen by industry and some lawmakers as a possible silver bullet in the fight against climate change as it could curb growing emissions from coal plants.

While green campaigners push for ever more wind turbines, a new wave of environmentally motivated engineers is already considering turbines to be a little old-school. One of the pioneers of the concept of a kite as a renewable energy source is Peter Lynn, a New Zealand kite designer.