European and Japanese manufacturers are made responsible for recycling their products

Belgium seems to pay little heed to the UK government s handling of the madcow disease

following the "dioxin in food' scare in the country, the Belgium government has confirmed its plans to withdraw and destroy pork products with more than 20 per cent fat content held in

a union of Belgian farmers has expres

Belgium authorities found carcinogenic dioxins in food products. And they brushed the matter under the carpet. Now, Europe is facing an international crisis

Strong drugs may effectively help suppress rheumatoid arthritis

A STUDY carried out by a team of researchers in Belgium has found a significant relationship between renal disorders and cadmium pollution (The Lancet, Vol 343, No 8912). The study was carried out

KAREN Perremans and her colleagues at the Zoological Institute at Leuven in Belgium have discovered that birds have unique "featherprints," which may make it possible to identify bird species by