At a recent meeting of the World Medical Association in usa, doctors warned that terrorists could very

US scientists have mooted a database containing genetic details of all types of bacteria and viruses that are potential bioweapon agents. It is felt that such a record will give scientists quick

According to a General Accounting Office (gao) review, the us Center for Disease Control and Prevention (cdc), Atlanta, Georgia, which is supposed to keep track of dangerous pathogens, is not

The US forces its agenda upon other member states at the fifth review conference of the bioweapons convention

Steps proposed by the US for state parties in the fifth review conference of the Biological Weapons Convention BWC in 2001

Every annual meeting prior to the Sixth Review Conference will spotlight different elements

Smallpox scare leads to panic purchase of its vaccine

The awareness of the looming threat of bioweapons has evoked a serious response from all over the world, except India

US sticks to its guns on not verifying bioweapons treaty

I Not to develop, produce, stockpile or acquire biological and toxin agents, weapons II To destroy existing stocks III Not to transfer technology or assist others IV To take national measures V