In this study, performance of gasifier engine system is analyzed by running 5kW engine at different load conditions to check maximum diesel savings in dual fuel mode operation. Cotton stalks replaces diesel by 80% while sugarcane bagasse replaces it by 82%. By using appropriate agricultural residue, gasifier system integrated with CI engine is economically better than diesel system alone.

In this study, we report fuel properties (basic density, high heating value, proximate and elemental parameters) and ash elemental composition of two important forest weed species, i.e. Lantana camara and Eupatorium spp. The physical, chemical and elemental properties of L. camara and Eupatorium spp. were compared with those of a mature tree (20 years of age) of Eucalyptus hybrid.

This article focuses on the use of plantations to produce biomass energy products. This integration of trees with (potential) intercropping in the agricultural system is called agro-forestry. However, if the demand for renewable energy from biomass sources is to be met, large plots of agricultural land will have to be converted to agro-forestry systems.

This review provides an overview of the potential for
bioenergy and the challenges associated with its increased
deployment. It discusses opportunities and risks in relation
to resources, technologies, practices, markets and policy. The
aim is to provide insights into the opportunities and required
actions for the development of a sustainable bioenergy

Austria is considered a European leader in the use of solid biomass for heat and power generation. But a new environmental policy could jeopardize the success of the past few years.

His invention, the gasifier

15 Oct 2008

Let’s cut to the chase. If we are serious about climate change then we have to be serious about changing (drastically) the way the world generates and uses its energy. But even as the rich world talks glibly about ‘decarbonisation’ of its economy it has done precious little to reinvent its energy system and to wean itself from its fossil fuel addiction.

Biomass based power generation is one of the promising renewable options. This article reviews the status and potential of biomass based power for India.

According to the 2001 census, about 43.5% of the households have been provided with electricity connections. This has gone up from 30.5% at the time of the 1991 census. The vast majority of rural population, however, still has no access to electricity and is dependent on kerosene lamps and lanterns. Jan-Mar 2005

The paper brings out detailed account of an intervention through a gasifier system as an alternative to reduce the fuel cost in the silk dyeing industry. The field performance of a gasifier based silk dyeing oven developed by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) is described in detail.