The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is promoting thermo-chemical process based technology package, combustion and gasification power generation systems using locally available biomass resources both in the rural areas and as well as in industrial sectors where surplus biomass such as small wood chips, rice husk, arhar stalks, cotton stalks and other agro residues are available to me

From Cambodian kitchens to Argentinian sugar mills, offset projects are cutting emissions and spurring development.

Places where the state electricity grid fails to deliver, biomass gasifiers can spell magic. With little initiatives, biomass gasification can light up remote areas of the country like never before

Prof PJ Paul

India has over 580,000 villages and many hamlets. In over 18,000 villages and hamlets grid electricity is to be provided.

There is an urgent need for an improved understanding of the sources, distributions and properties of atmospheric aerosol in order to control the atmospheric pollution over northeastern Himalayas where rising anthropogenic interferences from rapid urbanization and development is becoming an increasing concern.

Innovation To Bring Electricity Solutions To 50,000 Villages In Bihar, UP, Bengal & Orissa

Urban air pollution is reportedly responsible for nearly 1 million annual deaths worldwide. The burden of disease from air pollutant exposure may be greatest in growing urban populations in the developing world, but risk assessment is often impeded by lack of exposure information at the local level in many urban settings. Dionisio et al. (p.

Be it crop residue or unintended green cover, biomass has several uses in India. It is being promoted for power generation. This is increasing fodder prices. Read this special report by Down To Earth on the biomass economy.

Environmental risk factors, especially air and water pollution, are a major source of morbidity and mortality in China. Biomass fuel and coal are burned for cooking and heating in almost all rural and many urban households, resulting in severe indoor air pollution that contributes greatly to the burden of disease.

This document contains the presentation by D. V. Borole, NIO Goa, on dynamics of trace gases at low level planetary boundary layer observed at Cabo de Rama, west coast of India,
presented at National climate research conference, IIT Delhi, March 5-6, 2010.

Producer gas generated in partial combustion of biomass in the gasifier can be used for heating purposes as also as a supplementary or sole fuel in internal combustion engines. In the present study, producer gas generated from partial combustion of rice husk was used as the fuel for the CI engine.