London: Scientists have developed a portable blood test device which they say diagnoses an infection within minutes and could be an effective weapon in the fight against HIV and AIDS in the develop

The World Health Organisation (WHO) called on Wednesday for an immediate halt to the use of blood tests to detect active tuberculosis, saying they were faulty and leave millions of people at risk.

Production of the test kits, WHO officials said, was largely by Western companies which export them to developing countries because they have not passed regulatory standards in rich nations.


For the first time, blood vessels created in the lab from donor skin cells were successfully implanted in patients according to new research presented in the American Heart Association's Emerging Science Series webinar.


While the voluntary unpaid blood donations rose by 10 per cent between 2007 and 2008 in all major countries, India has reported the greatest increase

This committee report submitted to Gujarat Health Ministry has disfavoured ban on endosulfan production in the state saying there are no health effects on humans as a result of exposure to the insecticide. This committee was constituted following representation from endosulfan workers in Gujarat, who urged the state government not to act upon the report of the National Institute of Occupational Health which asserted there were health problems associated with endosulfan.

In a bid to reduce the suffering of 1,500 haemophilia patients in the State, the government has come up with a plan to provide them medical assistance.

Jodhpur: At least 56 children suffering from thalassaemia tested positive for HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C after receiving blood transfusion at government-run Umaid hospital in Jodhpur. They are among the 130 thalassaemic children registered with Jodhpur

Hyderabad, July 2: People with positive blood groups should take extra precautions against Chikungunya as the virus that causes this extremely painful disease has greater affinity to positive blood groups.

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London: A simple blood test that can detect a cancer before a tumour has taken shape has been developed by British scientists.
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