Bhola Singh is dead... Bhola Singh was a farmer from village Balloh, district Bhatinda, Punjab. He is part of a story with a beginning and an end. But it has no middle. Thus what

Pesticides have become integral part of villagers in Punjab. Bhatinda district in Punjab, an important cotton belt of the country irrigated by canal water grows largely cotton and rice crop

Diverse blood types evolved to provide immunity against infections

Blood storage bags are unhealthy

HIV positive haemophiliacs sue US pharma giants

The Union ministry

In a landmark judgement, a Japanese court has found a former top official in the health ministry guilty of supplying blood contaminated by HIV. The case is said to be significant by many experts as

The Chinese health ministry will enforce a ban on the system of donating blood for money. This decision comes following a report about more than 80 per cent residents of the Donghu village in Henan

Pre-flight genetic testing could help guard against flight-related deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Flight-related DVT occurs when a passenger's blood clots sitting in cramped conditions. The condition

At Brazil's main airports leaflets will be distributed warning passengers of the danger of contracting potentially fatal blood clots on long-haul flights. The threat of suffering deep-vein thrombosis