Even low levels of benzene can cause lymphomas cancer in children

Even small doses of paan masala, which mimics the taste of betel nut and leaf, taken for a long time can cause cancer, confirmed a team of researchers at the National Institute of Occupational Health

Cancer could result from a disease countering trick gone wrong

Many cancer patients receive chemotherapy at the end of life, even if their kind of cancer is known to be unresponsive to the drugs, according to a study reported at the recent annual meeting of the

Banned toxic chemicals that can cause cancer are sneaking into

A new study suggests that the engraftment process following a bone marrow transplantation could be improved by enriching the graft with stem cells that express a ligand for e-selectin, a molecule

Is the new Indian anti cancer drug any good?

Modified poliovirus may be used to cure brain tumours in future. A study carried out by researchers at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, USA , shows that the virus is effective in killing

vatican city's radio station recently stopped using short-wave transmitters following a settlement with the Italian government. It was said that electro-magnetic radiations from the station's

On April 26, 2001, Ukrainians commemorated the darkest day in their history