Belgium authorities found carcinogenic dioxins in food products. And they brushed the matter under the carpet. Now, Europe is facing an international crisis

Particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and ozone: Delhi’s air is already overcast with a very high

Neither improving diesel quality nor upgrading engine technology help to avert the threat posed by toxic particulate emissions from diesel vehicles. The only option is to ban registration of new diesel cars

WHEN THE health of the Earth itself is jeopardised. The health of its inhabitants

Wildlife in the Sariska Tiger Reserve is facing serious health problems. In the past two years, about a dozen tigers and leopards, which were killed in road accidents or found dead, were found to be

There has been an alarming rise in cases of childhood cancers in the last two decades. According to reports in Environmental Health Perspectives and The Ecologist, this has been attributed to

seaweed found on beaches across Britain may provide some important clues to scientists about the process through which cancer develops. Researchers at the University of West of England, Bristol,

Tobacco companies will foot the medical bills of smokers who have cancer under an agreement with the US state of Florida. This spells bad times for the tobacco industry as the Clinton administration wants more in a national agreement

doctors often warn women who have breast cancer not to get pregnant. Since estrogen is believed to stimulate tumor growth, nine months of elevated levels of the hormone seem just too big a risk.

Mother's milk contains carcinogenic toxins. But health authorities still advocate breast feeding as the benefits far outweigh the risks. According to a report of the Com