The US Environmental Protection Agency is likely to cut down or ban the production of chlorine and compounds containing it. However, many scientists believe that even were manufacture of

Paper companies: 55 mills now produce totally chlorine free, high-quality bleached pulp. Province of Ontario: Pulp mills must eliminate organachlorine discharges by 2002. British Columbia:

Chinese herbs relieve cancer patients

A new anti cancer drug seeks to starve cancerous cells to death

A single injection of special proteins can make cancerous tumours regress, claim David A Cheresh and Peter C Brooks from the Scripps Research Institute, San Diego. They found that the injected

Smoking cigarettes could soon become the leading cause of adult death in the world

Certain fruits and vegetables guard the body against cancer

Three agricultural pesticides most widely used in the US will be reviewed for potential cancer risks by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Two of the pesticides -- atrazine and cyanazine -- are

The battle against the disease intensifies

A pair of genes responsible for causing breast cancer have been nabbed