Do you want a country full of cars? Cars cause cancer. Scientists can even measure the cancer potency levels of the cars we ride. The so called cancer potency index has emerged as an important tool for risk assessment the world over. But think twice bef

The cancer causing potential of diesel cars is more than twice that of petrol cars in India

... from a German study confirming the carcinogenicity of the devil in the tank and the engine

There s more to diesel than cancer. And at the receiving end is poor people

The Human Genome Project could bring about a breakthrough in cancer treatment

Scientists have developed a device to identify the sources of a carcinogenic compound

A new, cancer screening technique developed

The benefits of breastfeeding babies include better intelligence, lower risk of cancer and asthma, and much more...

A fat substitute can speed up the removal of carcinogens

Now, even babies are being exposed to the cancer causing dioxin