Unchecked pollution in Eloor has lead to high disease incidences

US based environmental pollution crusader Erin Brockovich and her partner Ed Masry are at it again. The target of their attention this time is three oil firms who, they accuse, are emitting cancer causing poisons into the streets of Beverly Hills

Asbestos related litigation in the us runs into billions of dollars today. So much so that the amount is estimated to exceed the combined cost of destruction caused by 9/11 and Hurricane Andrew

Over 15 billion cigarettes are smoked everyday!

The incidence of cervical cancer is on the rise in India. It afflicts as many as 25 women per 0.1 million, making it the commonest cancer in the country. The disease, which affects the female

Ayurvedic massage can reduce body s toxin levels by 58 per cent

An attempt to revive vanishing medicinal plants through cultivation

See Score Card Raw material sourcing phase To rate the companies on the raw material sourcing phase, grp used the following indicators: the quality of input salt, transportation of salt,

Pondicherry-based Chemfab Alkalis Ltd (cal) has been rated as the greenest caustic-chlorine company in India. With an overall score of 46.7 per cent, it has been given the Three Leaves Award. Set

With lax regulations and a huge mercury loss unaccounted for, a disaster is waiting to happen in India