If the industry wants to survive in an environmentally conscious world, the search for chlorine alternatives must go hand in hand with product stewardship

Prescription drug Prempro, used to treat menopausal symptoms, is under the scanner in the US following a government study that has linked it to other health problems. Class action suits have been

Cost effective and easy way to test aflatoxin contamination evolved

Radiation from cellular phones is a well-known risk. Now there is another type of pollution from the wireless device which has raised a wave of worry. A study conducted by Inform, an environmental

Exposure to wood dust can cause cancer

As polluting asbestos units and illegal mining thrive amid lax laws, lakhs of workers become easy prey for dreaded diseases

the death rate in Italy's industrial regions is higher than the less industrial ones, reveals a recent World Health Organisation (who) report. Covering the period from 1990 to 1994, the

Cloves can stop hazardous asbestos fibres from escaping into the air

A specific condition that occurs in the bodies of inactive and overweight individuals may actually encourage the process of cancer development, claim researchers from the Washington dc -based

A study of commonly used pressure-treated lumber boards in the US suggests that the risk of arsenic exposure from these is higher than previously feared. Environmental Working Group, an environmental