betel chewing is a national pastime in Taiwan. But now Taiwanese officials have decided to destroy the plantations that are growing on government-protected land, shut down the roadside stalls and

THE latest source that promises new hope for cancer patients is an African tree. A drug derived from the bark of the African bush willow has been found to hamper blood supply to cancer cells.

Exercise helps cut down the risk of breast cancer

for the people of Karain, a small village in central Anatolia, Turkey, cancer is a way of life. Over the last several decades, cancer has led to the death of over half of its population. There

after the Americans, the French have followed suit. Recently, families of two lung cancer victims filed separate lawsuits against seita, the company that makes France's most famous brands of

Engineered fruit and vegetables probably hold the key to a healthier future

YET another clue has been found which might help unravel the mystery surrounding cancer. Three chemists, working at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, us, have discovered how nitrosamines --

In May of 1993 the British medical journal The Lancet published a paper by a Danish researcher that linked a global decline in sperm counts in healthy men over the past 50 years to accumulation of

The pulp and paper industry is the world's second largest consumer of chlorine and the greatest source of toxic organochlorine discharges directly into the waterways. Although dozens of mills across

A domestic but prolific generator of organochlorines is the homely dry-cleaning business. Over 90 per cent of alndry-'ters use chlorine-based perchloroethylene (perc) to clean clothes. Some 3