The Netherlands has weakened its decision to cut carbon dioxide emissions by the year 2000

Global warming reduces ability of oceans to absorb carbon dioxide, leading to more warming

Researchers at Tokyo Metropolitan University in Japan have developed a material which can be attached to chimneys of power plants and factories to remove carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) from emissions and

The role of marine life in mitigating global warming takes a knocking as new findings link carbon on the ocean floor to forest fires

it could take something as simple

one would think that if more than 1,000 scientists belonging to various countries and working for 10 years, pointed out the grave danger posed by increasing carbon emissions to the climate as well

The West fears that its efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions would be unproductive if the developing world did not follow suit

The origin of greenhouse gas emissions is an important issue in relation to the need for devising policy options to minimise potential global climate change and its impacts. The best known of the

Carbon dioxide, the killer gas in today's world seems to have been the culprit aeons ago too. It has been identified as the gas which possibly led to mass extinctions some 250 million years ago