The Union Territory of Lakshadweep, which has to its credit the youngest MP in the Lok Sabha, now has another feather in its cap — it has the largest number of households headed by women in the cou

Half (49.9 per cent) of the houses in Punjab are good condition living quarters, revealed the data of the Census Directorate which was released today.

To create awareness among women still engaged in manual scavenging, though the government banned the practice two decades ago, a nationwide campaign involving 11,000 Dalit women is now going around the country.

The campaign “ Maila Mukti Yatra ” (MMY) reached here on Monday. “According to the 2011 Census, there are still 7, 94, 390 dry latrines, where human excreta are cleaned up by humans. Continuance of such inhuman practice is violation of ‘The Employment of Manual Scavengers and Construction of Dry Latrines Prohibition Act, 1993.’

Improved water and sanitation facilities, better housing, streamlined transportation systems and waste management are some of the services that smaller cities in the country can look forwards to in the next phase of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission, the flagship programme of the Union Urban Development Ministry.

The Ministry is keen to fund projects that will allow smaller cities that are fast moving towards urbanisation a chance to have and upgrade basic services.

With 73 per cent of the rural households resorting to open defecation as per the Census 2011, the government has sanctioned Rs.

Involving the community at keeping a vigil on “high risk families” with an open preference for the boy child and giving the girl child a fighting chance at being born, non-government organisation C

Despite having reached the half-way mark, the Odisha Government has laid out an ambitious plan to achieve total sanitation by 2019.

Over 11 million houses are lying unused and vacant in urban India reveals this new report on urban housing shortage for the 12th plan period (2012-17) released by the Ministry of Urban Housing and Poverty Alleviation.

New Delhi: Toilets are raising a stink, with the Centre claiming “hera pheri” in states inflating construction figures to claim funds.

Ludhiana continues to be the city with highest urban population, Mohali at second spot