Dhurli village, Dantewada district, August 30, 11.30 am: Armed police in riot gear stand in clusters around the walled compound where people of this quiet, picturesque village are to gather for a gram sabha hearing. They are to decide today whether they want Essar Steel to set up a 3.2 million-tonne plant on their land for Rs 7,000 crore.

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To Jindal Steel's expansion planNearly 2,000 written complaints and a protest document signed by 40,000 people were submitted at a public hearing against the expansion plan of Jindal Steel and Power

Industries spew poison unchecked in Chhattisgarh

Industries spew poison unchecked in Chhattisgarh

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For long the victims of poverty, hunger and institutional neglect, the dwindling tribe of Pahari Korbas now has another menace to contend with