Cities all over the world are trying to ease congestion on roads. Not the chocked Indian cities, through. Time to make cars in India pay the real cost of using roads.

Gangtok, July 28: Want to buy a car? Get a garage first.

This is what the Sikkim transport department has told residents of the state where, as almost everywhere in India, cars parked along roads choke traffic.

The department issued a notification this month making it mandatory for buyers to produce an availability-of-parking-space certificate before they can get their vehicles registered.

Hoping to ease the crunch for parking space in the Capital and end the menace of private parking attendants, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi has devised a new parking policy, which could usher in a four-fold hike in parking charges.

Minister Jaipal Reddy leads the thought process

New Delhi: Criticizing

IBM surveyed 8,192 motorists in 20 cities on six continents, the majority of whom say that traffic has gotten worse in the past three years. The congestion in many of today's developing cities is a relatively recent phenomenon, having paralleled the rapid economic growth of those cities during the past decade or two.

Pollution levels rising, could hit athletes

New Delhi: Delhi government so far has been pinning all its hopes for clean air during the Commonwealth Games in October on people switching over to mass transport systems.

A congestion charge on cars that crowd the Capital is one of the options the government is considering to clean the air in the city ahead of the Commonwealth Games.