This study investigates consumer incentives for electric vehicles (EVs), including plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs), in the five largest EV markets in Europe: Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, and Norway.

Blueair CEO in a statement said that Delhi's odd-even rule might not be effective enough to counter the city's growing air pollution.

POLICING TRAFFIC BMC options include ban on new car & bike registrations, ceiling on new registrations per year and congestion tax in certain zones

Kolkata's chaotic, grinding traffic can not only be taxing on your blood pressure but also pinch your wallet.

Urban transport systems are essential for economic development and improving citizens' quality of life. To establish high-quality and affordable transport systems, cities must ensure their financial sustainability to fund new investments in infrastructure while also funding maintenance and operation of existing facilities and services.

A problem without a solution is a poorly stated problem, said Albert Einstein and with this statement as the focus, an exhibition of photographs at the Atrium, India Habitat Centre (IHC), seeks to

After a strong finish in 2014, growth moderated in early 2015. Malaysia’s economy expanded by 6.0 percent in 2014, accelerating to 7.3 percent q/q saar in Q42014 due to resilient domestic demand and a pick-up of exports.

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) on Tuesday enforced high congestion charges for driving a diesel vehicle on the Manali-Rohtang route.

This guide is intended for policy makers interested in congestion charging as a potential policy to mitigate congestion in cities. The term ‘congestion charging’ is used to describe a distance, area or cordon based road-user charging policy around congested city centres as it has been introduced in Singapore, London or Stockholm.

This paper examines the feasibility of implementing a congestion tax for the city of Chennai in the State of Tamil Nadu. Based on secondary data, it calculates the time cost, fuel cost and cost of emissions due to congestion and makes recommendations regarding the effective design and application of such a tax.