The urban development ministry has asked all states and their police chiefs to identify the most congested parts of their cities in a first step towards decongestion. The ministry hopes to replicate models followed in London and Singapore to discourage the use of private vehicles in central business districts, and to make public transport an acceptable alternative, officials said.

The ministry has suggested that bicycles be used widely in these areas, with better public transport and pedestrian paths.

Ministry of Urban Development issued this Advisory to the states and the union territories on introduction of congestion charging in central business areas/congested areas in Indian cities.

Urban Transport & Congestion Tax May Force Shift To Public Transport

ERP Remains Controversial But It Has Been Effective In Singapore

The massive rise in air pollution levels in 2011 was a major worry for the government.

As part of CAI-Asia's mission to promote better air quality and livable cities, CAI-Asia conducted an annual review of main events relevant to air quality, climate change and transport in Asia. The review, which started on 2008 and initially focused on sustainable transport, has now evolved to include air quality and climate events.

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has welcomed the Municipal Corporation of Delhi's proposal to hike parking charges as a step towards further reform.

Delhiites may soon need to pay for driving into a congested area in the city during peak-hour traffic with the city Government seriously considering introduction of such fee to discourage people fr

New Delhi: Years after the Delhi government spoke about introducing a special tax in parts of the city to check the growing number of vehicles, congestion tax is back on the discussion board.

Unable to find a clear line about the mode of congestion tax, the Delhi Government is all set to conduct a costly study to levy/tax on congestion in the national Capital. As per the proposal, the study that will cost Rs 20 crore will be completed in nine months. The policy could be implemented through Build Operate Transfer (BOT) method.