In a new CEPS Commentary on the implications of the Copenhagen Accord on the EU, the authors are wondering why the outcome is seen so differently in the EU and the US and find very different expectations and perspectives on both sides of the Atlantic.

Though Non-Binding, Copenhagen Pact Will Be Template For 2010 Talks

The blame game between countries on the Copenhagen climate accord reached fever-pitch on Thursday with US President Barack Obama hinting that China and India had been reluctant to engage in the final round of talks at the Danish capital.

Obama has cut the legs out from under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, in effect declaring that the US will do what it wants, but will not get further entangled in messy UN climate processes in 2010, says Jeffrey D Sachs

THE CPM said the government should work towards strengthening the unity of BASIC countries and resist the

A day after opposition parties cornered Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh in the Rajya Sabha for India

RAHUL BAJAJ| CHAIRMAN, BAJAJ AUTO We must work towards sustainable development

The two weeks of negotiations in Copenhagen (7-18 December 2009) have been full of twists and turns. The outcome of the first phase, when heads of delegations and Ministers had the leadership, is a set of draft decisions, heavily bracketed, and not recognized by all Parties

Acknowledgement By Minister As Oppn Blasts Hagen Deal In Parliament

New Delhi: In the face of a sharp attack from the opposition led by BJP, the government on Tuesday admitted that the Copenhagen climate accord provides for an alternative alignment to the Kyoto Protocol that developing nations like India believe is central to their concerns.

Contuining to redefine India

New Delhi: By endorsing the Copenhagen Accord at the just-concluded U.N. climate meet, India has failed to protect the interests of the people most affected by climate change not only in India but worldwide, environmental group Greenpeace said on Tuesday.