It is the crisis of negative Keynesianism that is at the heart of the current critical point, and which is leaving its global institutions

A detailed account of Copenhagen climate talks by Down To Earth. Unable to agree on targets and funding, world leaders settled for an interim political deal. But the Copenhagen Accord could change the rules of the game by wiping equity off the agenda.

Given that China and India may achieve consumption levels identical to the west, global growth is coming up against climatic limits and the free market

Ask All Countries To Submit Emission Reduction Targets And Sign On Accord

Copenhagen Accord is weak, meaningless, fundamentally flawed and India should not endorse it, says CSE in this press release. It is a polluter's accord that will be disastrous for the fight against climate change and bad for India and the world.

This presentation shows the features of Copenhagen Accord: budget for 2020, cumulative injustice and how the burden of emission cut shifted to India, Inequity: Frozen and decided, how Copenhagen Accord is bad maths and worse politics.

Rejects Accord, Leaves UPA Govt Flustered On


An accusation that is being made post-Copenhagen is that the major developing countries, China in particular, blocked ambitious emission reduction targets that were offered by the advanced economies.

The Copenhagen Accord drawn up after the UN climate conference in December is only three pages long. What is left out is probably more important than what it contains. The so-called deal, which the governments only